2nd IFAC Workshop on
Control Methods for
Water Resource Systems

Milano, 22-23 September 2022
Organized by Politecnico di Milano

Regular paper deadline extension

The deadline for regular paper submissions has been extended to May 13th. 
More information on the submission process is available here.

Scope of the Workshop

Water resources systems are built and managed to support irrigation,
ecosystems, transport, local communities, and social amenities and will
face substantial challenges in the future due to climate and social change resulting in sea level rise, more intense precipitation events, consequent augmented risk of flooding and increased demand for water resources for the agricultural and drinking sector. On the other hand, water resources systems, in particular urban water networks, are becoming increasingly sensed and interconnected revealing new potential for efficient management of this resource. Therefore, evaluation of opportunities and constraints around the management of water resources systems requires an integrated systems approach that takes into account the fundamental drivers, impacts, and multi-purpose nature of the system of interest. These systems are hugely complex: they are nonlinear, affected by long-term dependencies and extreme events, providing services to stakeholders with competing interests. Engineers and researchers working in the area of control theory can find many challenges here. As social and environmental conditions will change in the future, also affecting the proper functioning of systems of crucial interest to society, adaptive and robust management techniques are needed to properly manage those systems in the future, also considering health and inequality issues, especially in countries where those are relevant.


  • IFAC – International Federation of Automatic Control
  • Technical Committee on Modelling and control of Environmental Systems TC8.3


  • IFAC Technical Committees on TC 9.3. Control for Smart Cities TC 8.1. Control in Agriculture TC 6.3. Power and Energy Systems TC 8.2 Bio-ecological systems 
  • EWRI-Environmental 
Water Resources Systems committee
  • Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) society
  • iEMSs